10 big announcements from Day 1 of F8

Day 1 of Facebook’s F8 conference was packed with announcements and updates. Here are 10 big takeaways from Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote on Day 1. You can find full coverage and analysis of F8 here. 

1. Facebook announces a dating feature 

Your next fling could start on Facebook. The company announced a new set of dating features that it will start testing later this year. Users can opt in to create a dating profile visible only to non-friends who also opted into dating. Since it has more data on you than any other app, your matches could end up being a little more relevant.

2. A new privacy control called Clear History is in the works 

Facebook will launch Clear History, a new privacy feature allowing users to delete data Facebook has collected from sites and apps that use its ads and analytics tool. This means you can scrub some of your browsing history from Facebook’s data store. Mark Zuckerberg likened this to deleting cookies from your browser history.

3. Video chat and anti-bullying features are coming to Instagram 

Instagram is launching video chat. We don’t know what it looks like yet, but chances are it’s a straightforward feature that will expand on Instagram’s existing messaging tools. Instagram is also getting a new filter to protect users from bullying comments, and an improved Explore tab.

4. Facebook is reopening its app review process

Facebook will re-open its app review process following the pause it took after the Cambridge Analytica crisis – welcome news for developers.

5. Oculus Go goes on sale for $199

Oculus Go, Facebook’s cheap and capable VR headset, is now on sale. It costs $199 for the version with 32GB of onboard storage, and $249 for the 64GB variety.

6. Messenger gets a new look and chat translation 

Chat translation will roll out in Messenger through Facebook’s M Suggestions assistant. Messenger is also getting a cleaner look focusing on its core utility – chat.

7. Introducing 3D photos 

Facebook is bringing 3D photos to the News Feed. Chances are you’ll see them pop up in your friends’ status updates in the coming months.

8. WhatsApp’s Snapchat Stories clone hits a DAU milestone 

WhatsApp has snatched an international growth opportunity from Snapchat. WhatsApp Status now has 450 million daily active users.

9. AR camera effects comes to Instagram 

The augmented reality platform on Facebook has largely been hampered by the fact that it’s only on Facebook. Now, the AR camera effects platform is landing on Instagram, an audience devoted to photo-sharing.

10. WhatsApp is adding group video calling and stickers 

Group video calling and stickers are coming to WhatsApp. in the coming months, users can have at least four people on a single split-screen video call.

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