Social media advertising

Having a feeling that your social media ads do not get deserved results ?

Running social media ads might be sometimes frustrating, especially when you don`t get expected results. This might happen even if you have invested quite a lot money in your social media ad campaign. Nowadays we can face a big competition on social medias regarding to ads. Which means that if you don`t do it right – creatively with high budget and correctly selected target audience you mind face issues.


What do you think about taking it differently that the others ? What about to run ads that are creating itself and use UGC as a key tool.

To make social media ads run almost by itself, these tools might be handy:

  • UGC based campaigns, where you turn your ads into conversation with consumers
  • Ads created by community for display and and emailing, which increases the impact and engagement with your brand

All these actions and many more can handle one application . See their website and try out their trial version for free.

More common problems: