Social media interaction

Having low interaction of your followers?

It’s important to realize that some brands could have a harder time to achieve wanted customer interaction than some others. As an example, we could take a Grocery Store.

The question is, do people want to engage with a Grocery Store?

No, they want to buy food and go home, because this is one of the main routines they have to do daily, weekly and most of the people finds it annoying.

The other question could be if the Grocery Store desperately needs interaction on Social Media.

Having engagement on social media is always right regardless of your primary mission of brand. Some brands need it more some less.

The low interaction could be caused by:

  • Not frequently updating your social post walls


  • Updating your social post walls but with a content that does not match with your target audience


  • Buying fake followers


  • Just not having a brand that is attractive to interact with (Grocery store example)


  • Not trying to build a community

If you create an active community and make interaction for your followers on your social media fun, rewarding and not time wasting you can make people want to follow and interact even on social media of mentioned Grocery Store or brands where its mission customers find an as annoying daily routine.


As already mentioned in the upper section, building an active community is the best way to go. You can achieve it via UGC.

To achieve the most and the best with UGC. Your brand, business or planned event could have:

  • Social Media walls, TVs or widgets, where you integrate all your social media channels into one screen and followers can see their interaction (likes, uploaded pictures, etc.) on a big screen, TV or just on a widget placed on a website. By this way, you can increase the interaction of your followers up to 100%. Why? Because people want to be seen and want to look at an outcome of their actions, they want to be seen on a big screen or on a home page of a successful brand where daily lands thousands of visitors.


  • One multi-device chat, where you could bring all the followers into one conversation, where they can communicate and recommend your product in real time.


  • Monitoring tool, where you monitor all of your followers, see their activity and reward the most influential ones.


  • Social rankings of users, where you can identify the most influential users of your community and award those most influential ones


  • Social media contests and raffles, where you can create the contests with photos, GIFs and videos based on Twitter and Instagram #hashtags


  • Social media polls and hashtag battles, where you can survey customers opinion with polls


  • Social media monitoring and listening, where you can monitor and listen to your community and get notifications and reports

All these actions and many more can handle one application Yarr TV. See their website and try out their trial version for free.

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