Social media reach

Not having clear visibility of your social media?

Even though some of social media like Facebook, Twitter come with basic analytics nowadays that you can see online or export them into offline form, we might still struggle having nice integrated report of all your social media campaigns in one place.

It might seem at first place that basic analytics that are offered by certain social medias could do the job for us, but in the end we will find it time wasting. We are in the year where a company do not run their campaigns only at one social media channel but could run them at five different ones. Then a certain company who uses different social channels finds separated reports unclear, confusing, time wasting and struggle to fetch out the results and tell which campaign on which social media channel have the best results.


So what do we need to have in order to avoid this issue? Having nice integrated analytics which you find at one place is the way to go.

Your brand, business or planned event could use these tools:

  • Social media analytics and reports, where you can get analytics of all your social media contents + user`s activity and custom reports of temporal evolution of users and contents
  • Social media dashboards, where you get relevant information of each of your social media at one place

All these actions and many more can handle one application . See their website and try out their trial version for free.

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