What is UGC and how could it help you with your business?

User-Generated Content (UGC) is defined as online content that is publicly available and created by end-users in a creative effort – and its manifestation in social media has recently attracted much research interest (Constantinides and Fountain 2008; Keller 2009).

UGC is the content which is created by users and customers about a brand and product. UGC is for free, and its authenticity makes the user the brand advertiser as well.

UGC advantages, and why you should be using it?

Traditional marketing is not that effective anymore as it used to be. Nowadays the consumers are more in control of their internet habits and are considerably more sceptical about advertising than they used to be, traditional methods of promotion are no longer cutting it. It’s time to come with something different.

UGC advantages
UGC advantages

Five UGC advantages for a hospitality business that you should know

The main advantage of User-generated content is that it brings to your business better credibility, popularity, profitability, findability, and singularity. We call it five ITY.

  • It helps you to build customer’s trust -» credibility
    It has proved that people trust more in recommendations from people they know, and more often they search on the internet to find the recommendations even from foreigners. If they read some favourable recommendation, they wonder about visiting your restaurant. Recommendations from people they know, people trust on 92 %. People believe entirely in consumers opinion posted online at 70 %. Can you find any connection between those facts? People want to trust first.


  • It encourages more likes and shares on your social media » popularity
    Nowadays, to have a business in hospitality is not only about brilliant food and keen staff. For more people, food is getting a part of their lifestyle. They do not want to eat lunch and go home. They want to enjoy the food. Moreover, they want to tell other people where they’ve just had such a brilliant meal. People want to show off their food on social media! The food itself is so photogenic, and it would be a shame to do not abuse it.


  • It increases the number of followers and also new customers -» profitability
    This fact is firmly connected with engagement support by likes, shares and also recommendations. If customers upload the pictures on their social media, they could reach a lot of people who follow them. Which means, more people will know about your restaurant, and more people will become your new follower, and the follower can be transferred to your customer, thus is created a vicious circle. UGC is 35% more memorable than other media, and 50% more trusted.


  • It provides SEO Value -» findability
    When your restaurant is getting more famous on the website it also drives more traffic to the restaurant website and that more content is linked back to the site. UGC results in 29% higher web conversions than campaigns or websites without it.


  • It brings a new breeze to marketing -» singularity
    Thanks to UGC your restaurant brings something new for the customers and become unique. 87% of brands use UGC for authentic (and free) content.

How to share user-generated content on Instagram?

On Instagram, you can spread UGC by creating a hashtag for people to use when they post about your business. Users can then easily explore your content through the hashtag feed, and you can repost the content to your business’ account to share with your buyers.

User generated content on Instagram statistics Yarr TV
UGC on Instagram photo statistics Yarr TV
User generated content on Instagram statistics Yarr TV
UGC on Instagram video statistics Yarr TV


UGC can generate more engagement on Instagram which means more comments and likes on posts. The involvement is critically important to a brand’s success on Instagram. Especially food becomes more popular to show off the friends.

How can Yarr TV help?

  • Social TVs and Social Media Wall
    Yarr TV can be installed on TVs, monitors, and projectors in your restaurant or anywhere else to show your delicious food via social media! Yarr TVs social walls can also be used for weddings, firms meetings, and other events. Social Media Wall has Flexible designs with your brand’s image and works on the #hashtags’ contents. That makes social media better and viral.


  • Social Media Widget
    Integrate social media widgets in websites, blogs, e-commerce, and apps. For both sides, you and your customers, the platforms are more users friendly.


  • Social media chats and social bots
    Don’t you have time to reply when your guest want you to make a reservation? No worries, we have solution → social bots replies and messages to followers, and also it works for business and selling logics applied to responses.


  • Social media ads & emailing
    UGC turns add into conversations with customers which increase impact and engagement with your restaurant.


  • Social media contests and raffles polls and hashtag battles
    Which means, your customers never get bored neither in the restaurant nor on your websites or social media.